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Public submission period for Stage 3 is with us

Please read the following for information about the EIS. Hopefully we will be able to provide a link to a site soon where a simple one or two step submission is possible. Stay tuned!

Don’t be daunted by the process or the Government preamble below. It is designed to confound and confuse the public so fewer people try, but other ways of making submissions are possible, including hand writing. It is still a legal submission if you don’t use their preferred form or if you don’t sign your email copy. Just get your thoughts down and sent them in. Please contact us for any assistance. We will be having extra meetings in this period to help.

Making a submission for the Stage 3 EIS New Acland Expansion

Access Coordinator Generals Office webpage info about submissions and forms:

This will direct you to New Hope’s website to access EIS or Executive Summary

Submissions close at 5pm on 3 March 2014.

How to make a submission

1. Read the draft EIS

  • Read the fact sheet on making a submission ( 388 KB), and
  • complete the draft EIS submission form ( 247 KB).

    If you have special communication needs and wish to make a submission, telephone

    the EIS project manager on +61 7 3452 7433 to make alternative arrangements.

    3. Send your submission

    Send your completed and signed submission form to one of the following:

    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    The Coordinator-General
    c/- EIS project manager – New Acland Coal Mine Stage 3 project
    Coordinated Project Delivery
    Office of the Coordinator-General
    PO Box 15517
    City East Qld 4002 Australia

    Fax: +61 7 3452 7486

    Read more about making a submission on a draft EIS

    The EIS must contain all the information needed to address the

    Terms of Reference (TOR) for the project, including a comprehensive Social Impact Assessment  and the proposed mitigation actions.

    From the Factsheet for making a submission :


When making a submission:

 clearly state the matter(s) of concern or interest and list points to help with clarity

 reference the relevant section(s) of the draft EIS

 provide factual information relied upon and its source

 describe the measure you consider would be appropriate to improve the proposal

 provide sketches or diagrams if they assist to clarify your submission

 ensure your submission is legible.

Note: Under section 157O of the SDPWO Act, it is an offence to give the Coordinator-General a document that contains information known to be false or misleading.

For a submission to be ‘properly made’ under the SDPWO Act, it must:

 be made to the Coordinator-General in writing

 be received on or before the last day of the submission period

  • be signed by each person who makes the submission

 state the name and address of each person who makes the submission

 state the grounds of the submission and facts and circumstances relied on.

Note: Under the SDPWO Act, the Coordinator-General may accept a submission that is not a ‘properly made’ submission. However, to ensure you have appeal rights under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, your submission must be ‘properly made’.

For more information about this consultation, contact the Office of the Coordinator-General on:


From OCAA:  How to complete the submission form:

This is like our TOR submission early in the year. You don’t have to follow this table exactly but they suggest the following format

        1. Section of the EIS
        2. Describe the issue
        3. Suggested solution

          They show a sample submission page, (see below).

          Download the draft EIS submission form and add extra pages as you need.

          The Coordinator General is permitted by law to collect personal information.

          Social Impact Assessment and other important stuff

          This is a requirement of coordinated projects

          The Guidelines for SIA are found here

          The Social Impact Assessment is found in Chapter 16 of the EIS.

          The Social Impact Management Plan is found in Appendix J 14 of the EIS

          The Appendix J is very important to look at and comment on- besides SIMP it has rehabilitation plans, air emissions and water management plans, biodiversity offsets, the Heritage Colliery Management Plan etc etc

      • Take stock of what OCAA has and is achieving. We have everyone to thank for this-members, other groups, family and external experts. It is a group effort, so well done to everyone and thank you! Stay well and let us know if you need any help.



Grazing trials at Acland

A recent letter sent to local media:

‘Home brand’ not ‘world class’ grazing trials.

Dear Editor

We are concerned farmers, community members or scientists who are appalled by the Acland grazing trial claims by New Hope Coal.

We have all witnessed the devastation of a town, a local farming community and a local agricultural based economy in nearby Oakey. We have watched this company roll out a media campaign in recent months with the sole aim of gaining Government approval for a large scale open cut mine which should never be allowed in a rich farming area of the inner Downs. Farmers and scientists alike are disgusted at the media hype surrounding a single ‘homebrand’ grazing trial conducted in 2012, without independent or academic supervision, peer review or publication.

We now listen to Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise group stating this rehabilitation is ‘world class’. Their spokesperson, Jo Shepherd, has clearly little concept of what this means- there are no pre and post mining soil tests available, no methodology and raw data available for scrutiny, no organic matter tests or microscopic or chemical soil analysis, no chemical residue tests of meat or organ tissue of animals grazed, no long term grazing trial results of maintained grazing AT COMMERCIAL GRAZING PRESSURES. This same single trial has been serially  publicised by the company since 2012 as ‘needing repeating to verify results’ (because it so faulty control cattle lost weight) to ‘showing promise’ to ‘showing that Acland mined land can be grazed or even cropped in the future’ to ‘will be better than before’ and now ‘world class’. The closer to the date of the release of the EIS, the more wondrous seem the results.

Rehabilitation in Queensland is a serious issue, and governments- through poor regulation and lack of enforcement- are allowing a toxic legacy for future generations. There are 15000 abandoned mines in Queensland and no fully rehabilitated mines- including New Hope’s other tenements. As coal prices fall or reserves are depleted companies will walk away from their commitments and receive little more than a fine and a slap on the wrist. This mine at Acland will be no different. It is estimated there is $4 billion in unpaid fines due to the Queensland Government for non-compliance with mine rehabilitation.

Scientists have told us what they are doing at Acland are the same crude methods employed in the central Queensland for the past 20 years. Stockpile the few inches of topsoil and spread it back again after mining, have a trial patch lightly grazed which shows that a few cattle manage for 90 days and preferably film a man and a horse with the said cattle for PR purposes. Look at the Moranbah district moonscape from air and judge for yourself the real environmental impacts.

The only ‘world class’ aspects of this New Hope grazing trial are the media spin and depths of deception that have accompanied it. Our communities deserve scientific rigour as well as journalists who are prepared to see beyond propaganda to ask questions. New Hope must now publish their trial methodology and data for the public to review and be able to draw their own conclusions.

Oakey Coal Action Alliance Executive (John Cook (Pres), Dr Reg Pascoe (sec), Dr Nicki Laws, Carole Wieck, Peter Faulkner) Jim Leggate (Ecologist and former Mine Environmental Regulator), Dr John Standley (Soil and Plant Scientist)

For further reading and response from New Hope follow this link to Toowoomba Chronicle report:





New Year Greetings to all

All the best to our members and supporters for the year ahead. We know it will be an important year in our ongoing fight to keep our district safe from inappropriate mining on good farmland… As well as the gloom and doom associated with the recent decisions by the State and Federal Governments (and  anti-environment Minister Hunt), we feel encouraged by the solidarity and camaraderie from so many good people all around the country equally outraged by the decisions of our political leaders favouring big industry over ordinary people like us- farmers, retirees, people who care for Australia’s amazing biodiversity and natural beauty, and our clean food and water.

On a more pragmatic level, our recent raffle was drawn and declared a great success. The beautiful handmade quilt was won by N Sparks and garden mosaic by P Langton. Thanks to Bobbie and Joy in particular for selling tickets, as well as all our valued members and supporters who sold, bought or simply donated to our worthy cause!

We have much planned for 2014, so please stay in touch. We hope you and your family have good health, happiness in all you do and  good seasons ahead.