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Cashed up, but where is the duty of care?

Queensland Conservation Council media release on New Hope Coal (September 15):

News that New Hope Coal have a $1.1 billion cash pile to buy more coal mines has outraged South-East Queenslanders, who are wondering why coal trains moving through their communities don’t have covered wagons.

Queensland Conservation Council’s spokesperson Kirsten Macey is now asking New Hope Coal to put covers on their coal trains as they travel through South-East Queensland on their way to the Port of Brisbane.

“Coal companies use the excuse that putting lids on coal trains is too expensive,” said Ms Macey.

“But New Hope Coal have $1.1 billion in cash, and instead of looking to buy more coal, they should put lids on their coal trains to protect residents living adjacent to coal railway lines from coal dust.

“The health of residents in Toowoomba, Ipswich and Brisbane City and in between is impacted daily by coal dust that comes off coal trains.

“In fact, Queensland Conservation Council believes that to minimise the risk to our health, it’s not only the coal train wagons that should be covered, but also the coal that is stored at the mine site and at the ports.

“Covering coal trains is simply world’s best practice.

“QCC is calling for covers on all all coal wagons to ensure that coal dust pollution does not impact on the health of our community”, concluded Ms Macey.

Kirsten Macey
Queensland Conservation Council
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