Alternative plan for Acland

                                              5 March 2014

 New Acland Report provides Alternative Vision for Darling Downs

 A new report by energy consultant Trevor Berrill (Acland Sustainable Energy Plan) provides alternatives to the proposed New Hope Acland Mine expansion. In the report, Berrill outlines a solution to the development of solar PV electricity farms on non-strategic cropping land. This would result in income for communities from both farming and electricity generation.

 In the Berrill Report for Acland:

  • Strategic cropping land is fully preserved, protecting agriculture.
  • Solar PV farming is developed, creating more than 180 full-time jobs directly and indefinitely, when combined with farming and tourism jobs. This contrasts with short term jobs from mining booms.
  • A large-scale solar PV farm could potentially produce about $800,000 of income each year to land holders from the 750 hectares of solar farming land identified in the report.
  • This alternative preserves Darling Downs cropping soils, the Great Artesian Basin and Murray Darling Basin. It provides certainty for local communities, who have experienced community destruction, dust and noise impacts for over a decade.


‘This is exactly the type of proposal the State Government needs to take seriously.’ said Toby Hutcheon, Executive Director of Queensland Conservation

‘Renewable energy is the future. It is clean and offers huge potential, particularly for regional economies. The draft Queensland Plan also supports the increased uptake of renewable energy.’

 For more Information:

Trevor Berrill: Sustainable Energy Systems Consultant  

Report available at:

(this was a media release by Queensland Conservation )