Save Cecil Plains Rally against CSG

A number of our group attended this rally held on the 27th April 2013, amidst the cotton paddocks of the iconic black soil plains of Cecil Plains. We were happy to lend support to our friends from SODD including Ruth Armstrong, Graham Clapham and Stuart Armitage and families.

These farms are breath taking in the scope of their fertility and productivity. This is precision agriculture at its absolute best and it was beyond understanding of every one of the 450 attendees at the rally why it was even necessary to be there to defend it. What does this State Government not get? These are serious, profitable and sustainable businesses. These farmers are doing the job they do almost better than anyone else in the world, because their climate, soil and underground water allow it. Why should our elected governments kowtow to foreign businesses like Arrow Energy anyway? They seem to fail to understand the depth of concern for our precious aquifers and for the long term future of communities like Cecil Plains.

It’s the same movie as Acland, just with different actors. Acland is an open cut horror show, while permitting CSG on fertile farmland like Cecil is likely to be a drawn out death by a thousand cuts. The Government is abrogating responsibility for their citizens and future generations for short term gain. Dumb and Dumber…