World Environment Day June 2nd 2013

OCAA were in attendance at the very wet Lake Annand Park in Toowoomba. Thanks to Kylie for all her efforts on the day. Brochures were handed out, wildlife photographs of Acland were on display and many conversations were had.

Thanks to those who attended and came along and asked questions. We are always appreciative when people stop and engage with us. Even if your opinions differ from ours, it is healthy to debate, discuss the pros and cons and hear all sides of the argument, after all.

We think that people in the city are no different to us, but the problems of mining and CSG are just not in their faces on a day to day basis like they are for those living with mining leases over their farms or land of their families or friends. All Australians want good clean food, with a known provenance. We want our rich agricultural heritage to remain and its biodiversity to be there for our kids or grandkids.

See you at WED in 2014!