A worthy Australian Conservation Foundation Awardee!

One of Glenn's beautiful photographs- this one of an Acland koala whose trees are under threat from Stage 3 mining.

One of Glenn’s beautiful photographs- this one of an Acland koala whose trees are under threat from Stage 3 mining.

We are so thrilled that our own Glenn Beutel was a recipient of the Australian Conservation Foundation 2013 Peter Rawlinson Award, along with NT Indigenous anti-uranium activist Jeffrey Lee as the winner of the ACF Special Peter Rawlinson Conservation Award..

The ACF website states the following :

“Because of his extraordinary courage and persistence, Acland has been  transformed from an historical footnote into an epic story, drawn on by  many others struggling to protect the places they love from overwhelming  industrial development

While the LNP election promises to protect Acland have since been watered down, there is no doubt that Glenn’s actions are having a political impact at a local, state and federal level. The town site of Acland and its heritage features will be saved, Lagoon Creek will not be diverted and a majority of cropping land will be left unmined. Tens of millions of coal will be left in the ground.

Glenn’s impact reaches far beyond the boundaries of Acland. Strong environmental community networks such as the Lock the Gate movement draw on Glenn for advice and inspiration.

Artists, writers and musicians use Acland as their muse. Glenn has the admiration of photographers and film-makers for both the quality of his photography and his character.

Glenn began documenting the social and environmental upheaval occurring around him via photography — his collection is vast and impressive. His photos have appeared in joint exhibitions and publications, including the Senate inquiry paper on the status of koalas, The koala — saving our national icon.

He has compiled an astonishing social history documenting the struggle of farming versus mining in contemporary Queensland and written hundreds of letters and submissions in long hand arguing for Acland’s protection.

“Glenn has created an amazing archive of an entire ecosystem under threat, from the smallest endangered insects and flowers to the koalas and large bottle trees that Acland is known for,” says photographer and film-maker David Julian Lowe.

“It takes a certain person to have the courage to do what Glenn Beutel has done,” says environmentalist and former leader of the Australian Greens, Bob Brown.

“He has tolerated loneliness, media attention and despair while watching his beloved community being dismantled. The pressure on him must be immense, yet he has stood fast for his belief that what this coal company is doing is fundamentally wrong in a region rich in agriculture and biodiversity.””

We are proud to know Glenn and to be able to stand by him at Acland. Good on you, Glenn!